Meals and snacks are provided by parents.  Please send your child's lunch and snack in a lunch bag with a freezer pack.   We always have extra snacks on hand if needed along with a gluten-free snack option.  


Pine Village is closed major federal holidays, one week during winter holiday and 2 days during summer and spring season.

Unscheduled closures

Unscheduled closure can occur due to weather, power outages etc.   We also follow Portland Public School inclement weather closures. 


We are happy to support your child during training.  Please send diapers, wipes and extra clothes with your child.  Unfortunately, we can not use cloth diapers at this time.


We will ask that children stay home when the presence of the child risks spreading an infection to the other children.

For example:  Fever over 100.5F taken under the arm; Diarrhea (more than one abnormally loose, runny, watery or bloody stool); Vomiting; Nausea; Severe cough; Unusual yellow color to skin or eyes; Any eye lesions, eye discharge that is yellow or green in color (includes pink eye/conjunctivitis); Skin or rashes that are severe, weeping, or pus-filled, or are rapidly spreading while in care; Difficulty breathing or abnormal wheezing; Complaints of severe pain. If your child shows signs of any of these symptoms while at school,  we will contact parents to pick up the child as soon as possible.

Your child must be symptom–free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Lice-  children with lice or nits will be asked to leave school upon detection, and may not return until they are nit free.