Mia Jones has a gentle spirit that calms and nurtures children in the vibrant world of preschool. My daughter was very attached to family and had a difficult time beginning preschool. I feel that Mia's sweet distractions and shared love of art helped my daughter to start her mornings well. Mia quickly became the most talked about person when asking about preschool. You know a child really loves a teacher when they want to make them art, bring them flowers, tell them about their weekend, and invite them to their birthday party. After our first year, my daughter was willing to attend aftercare, which quickly became her favorite part of the day. I was only too happy to have our son start attending a Parent's Night Out program with Mia in the lead. I knew he was in good hands and, just as I thought,  was eager to go back again.  Our family is so grateful to have experienced Mia Jones as our children's preschool teacher for 3 years. I know my daughter is going off to Kindergarten, ready to learn and socialize, thanks to Mia's preparation. 

Jennifer Maddox


I have had the privilege of knowing both teacher Mia and teacher Betsy for a few years now.  I was incredibly fortunate to have had them as preschool teachers for my son Max who just started kindergarten this year. Max truly loved going to preschool. He still talks about how much he loves and misses teacher Mia and teacher Betsy. Mia has such patience and calmness, she listens with intention and can anticipate the needs of a child justwhen they are about to have a meltdown. Mia is such a creative wonder, she created a Pre-K program and with that some fantastic Pre-K curriculum that was openly accepted by the kids, creating a love of learning by her preschoolers, especially Max. They made an alphabet book that Max LOVED decorating, even today he repeats the letters and words that start with that letter that he learned from making that book.   Betsy is another talented, creative and artistic individual. She is also an amazing hard worker and caregiver. Betsy quickly identifies kids needs at just the right moment. I've seen her nurturing nature at work, just when a child is about to experience extreme separation anxiety, she quickly addresses that child's needs and comforts and diverts attention so the child can work through the separation and recover in a positive manner. We all know that separation for children varies and for the extreme cases, Betsy is ready, willing and able to help that child in whatever way works best for them. Bouncing them on her knee, singing to them, reading to them and introducing new interesting toys or activities. I'm so thrilled for Mia and Betsy and for Pine Village. I only wish I lived closer, otherwise I would sign my twins up for Pine Village preschool as soon as they turn 2 in a heartbeat.

Kelly Vanderzanden


Our children were blessed to have Betsy and Mia as teachers for two years in preschool. Betsy is an amazing artist, and a wonderful, caring and inspiring teacher who helped cultivate our son  and daughter’s love of creating art, and their ability to self-express, not only through art, but verbally, and when engaging with peers.  Betsy helped our children feel valued based on their individual personalities and interests.  She has the keen ability to engage children even when they are having a difficult time, like transitioning to school at drop-off, because children know she cares, and is genuinely interested in them as individuals.  Both children blossomed while under Betsy's care, and developed a deep connection with her.  Mia, always so gentle, peaceful and loving, was indispensable in helping our children transition from being at home to preschool, and also to blossom as little individuals.  Mia is the kind of teacher whose very presence assures children that that they will always be and feel loved, safe, and cared for at preschool.  During the many times when our son had difficulties with separation at drop-off, Mia was there to comfort.  Mia inspires kindness, love and peace in the children she works with, and ours were no exception.  Needless to say, our children also developed a deep connection with Mia.  We continue to feel so fortunate that our children were able to connect with these two wonderful teachers in preschool, and that they are able to continue this valuable connection  through Lake Star studios events,  We cannot recommend Betsy and Mia enough.  They are both very rare and amazing teachers.   

Michelle & Jason Hull